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Enhancing the quality of life for many through the efforts of a few.

The Sangre Grande Development Foundation

A Non Profit Organisation.Intends to pursue its stated goals and objectives through the efforts of it's members and in partnership with other individuals and organisations of like destination.

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The Sangre Grande Development Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization and was founded on 24th July 2010.

The Foundation was established on the basis of an expressed will of its founding members to rigidly pursue the empowerment of all grassroots peoples through the medium of education and training. The Foundation also pledges itself to bring relief and tangible assistance to those most vulnerable to shifts in the socio-economic order of their respective territories.

Our Products are best seen in the growth of our clients in whatever field they so subscribe.
The SGDF is the first Non-Profit Organization to be awarded official offspring status from the Global Caribbean Representation Movement on Tuesday 22nd March, 2011.


  • 20 Causes
  • 120 Places
  • 200 Volunteers
  • 85 Dpnatopm

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