President New Year Message


President New Year Message

To each and every member of the highly reputable and progressive Sangre Grande Development Foundation, to your families and all of you who are in some way aligned to this great movement, I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

May we all by the grace of Almighty God continue to work assiduously to redefine and reposition the many policies and programmes which guide the process of community empowerment and development.

Our enthusiasm, commitment and dedication will not be diminished not even by those who benefit from our philantrophic initiatives yet fail to report of their progress nor even return to say thanks.

We salute those many stakeholders both local and foreign who have entered into a social contract with us to collectively pursue our goals and objectives. In this regard, we embrace OPEN Interactive Inc. of St. Kitts, Mr. Leslie Yip, Mr. Roger Chang, Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Khan, Mr. Harry Ragoonanan, Mr. Trevor Lynch, OWTU, BpTT, Maser Limited and all those countless individuals and agencies who faithfully soldier on with us as we endeavour to make a difference in this increasingly egalitarian atmosphere of the modern world. Cheers.

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