Mr. Randolph Jordan


Mr. Jordan spent most of his formative years in the sister isle of Tobago, where he became a fine product of his Alma Mater, Scarborough Secondary School.
Subsequently, Randolph with great determination and a passion for Culinary Arts became employed as an Assistant Chef at the Arnos Vale Hotel and Restaurant in Tobago.
Over the years, with great dedication and commitment to progress within his much desired professional field, he successfully gained employment (Offshore/Marine) with the well renowned Allied Energy Services Ltd, also known as Katerserv Limited. Randolph, after providing yeoman service for over seventeen (17) years at the aforementioned agency, recently retired in the much esteemed position of Cook Supervisor.
In addition, Mr. Jordan with his wealth of knowledge, years of experience and love for the culinary field, has recently started his own establishment.
Mr. Randolph Jordan has also dedicated much of his time and resources to the development of his community. Randolph is a former President of the North Eastern Village Council. He is also actively involved in the North Eastern Settlement Action Council, and has been appointed to the position of Trustee.