Mr. Roland Taylor


Roland attended the Sangre Grande Junior Secondary School and thereafter, successfully graduated from North Eastern College his Alma Mater.
Mr. Roland Taylor with a passion for sports and a keen interest in team work/spirit became actively involved with numerous footballs teams within his community of Sangre Grande. He was a former Goalkeeper for well known teams such as Sangre Grande United, Guaico United and the Sukhram Strikers.
Additionally, Mr. Taylor over the years has demonstrated his love and commitment to the development of his community. He has dedicated much of his time and efforts to same and to youth involvement through various community based organizations. Mr Roland Taylor is the Founder and Chairman of the Vega De Oropouche Action Group. He is also an active member of the Vega De Oropouche Village Council; a former Vice Chairman of Vega De Oropouche Action Committee and former Vice Chairman of the Sangre Grande North East Advisory Committee.
Mr. Taylor, under the purview of the National Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited (MTS) has gained numerous years of professional work experience. He has worked at various institutions namely, the Ministry of Education, the Attorney General’s Office and the Mt. Hope General Hospital. At present, he holds the position of Assistant Regional Coordinator, at the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Volunteer Information

  • Director of Social Welfare
  • Football