Ms. Sachell Mitchell


Sachell is a very enthusiastic young woman who continues to inspire the lives of the youths within her community. Armed with her skills in peer counseling she willfully bestows her services to help youths concur day to day challenges/issues. Additionally, she donated her services to assist in educating underprivileged students that were having issues in keeping up with the school’s curriculum. Moreover, Sachell’s passion for helping individuals has led her to the College of Science Technology Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) where she is presently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Social Work as she believes she would be able to advocate on behalf of underprivileged individuals in our society.
Equally important to Sachell is the building up/of empowering women in the society not only by motivating them but also by sharing her knowledge and passing on her skills which she obtained at cosmetology school as she believes building self-confidence and self-esteem must be done both mentally and physically. Presently, Sachell has successfully completed a computer program which she was rigorously pursuing and as she continues to strive to obtain greater knowledge she intends to advance her studies in this field. She currently assists in the management of the social media pages for the foundation as well as the daily maintenance of the website thus one can rest assure that the functioning of the tasks and duties to be carried out is in safe hands.
Indeed this young lady has a flourishing future ahead of her as she remains dedicated towards working effectively and efficiently towards achieving her goals and aspirations all in the service of the Sangre Grande Development Foundation.